All You Need to Know About Dispensary ATM

Are you looking to install an ATM for your Cannabis dispensary? In many states in the US, the sale of Cannabis is legal for medicinal and recreational purposes; however, at the federal level, its sale is still prohibited. Since the federal laws regulate most banks, the Cannabis dispensaries are not allowed to engage in direct transactions with the customers through banks. Therefore, most dispensaries employ ATMs for instant cash and payment. Within the guidelines of the state laws, a smokers’ ATM is a quick and convenient way to buy Cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.

This blog will discuss everything you need to know about having a dope ATM at your dispensary. So, let us get started.

What is a smokers’/dope ATM?

The smokers’ or dope ATM are the terms that some people have devised to ease the familiarization. In a spoken language, the words give a connotation of selling weed. But, talking professionally, these smokers’ ATMs are called dispensary ATMs and are used to withdraw cash and make payments for the marijuana. And, as stated earlier, federal laws don’t permit a payment through the bank to purchase Cannabis; cash payment is the only viable option. These ATMs come in handy for the customers looking to make a quick cash payment at the Cannabis dispensary.

What are the benefits of installing a dispensary ATM?

Provides ease of payment:

The most significant benefit of a dispensary ATM is the ease of payment. It is convenient for the customers to withdraw cash instantly and pay for Cannabis.

Boosts business:

Since making a payment becomes hassle-free, more customers get enticed to buy Cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.

How to get a dispensary ATM installed?

Getting a dispensary ATM installed is as easy as falling off a log, and all you have to do is contact OG ATM. We provide turnkey ATM solutions for the Cannabis dispensaries, from completing the legal formalities to the entire installation. We are a name renowned for the best installation, and all you need to do is relax and focus on growing the business.

What sets OG ATM apart?

The out-of-the-way dedication to catering to the customers sets OG ATM apart. Our most significant source of satisfaction is when we see our clients’ businesses growing. We never fail to go the extra mile for our customers to provide the most comfortable ATM installation service. Picking us as a reliable ATM partner will get you a state-of-the-art service like never before. If small or big, for us, every client is equally important, and thus, we ensure to offer each a personalized service.


Many state laws permit the selling of Cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes allowing the cannabis dispensaries to flourish. However, as per federal laws, medical marijuana is still illegal, and in such a situation, ATMs come in handy for making the payment and running the business smoothly.

For more information related to the installation of the ATM, you can get in touch with us.